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Click on the map (or read below) for stories of people who have made beauty for hurt and endangered places throughout the years. And check back soon. Our featured stories will change every month!

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Linden Tree Stump Medicine

Anne, John, Medicine Buddha & many others are saving—from devastation of proposed concrete and steel production plant—Onteora Lake, Pickerel Pond, extraordinary wildlife, Bluestone wild forest in Kingston, NY, with the help of Linden tree stump [...]

A Ceremony for Jabu

Two gorgeous elephants, Jabu and Morula were "released" from 32 years in captivity into the Okavango Delta. They were set free (although that is a relative term because they were chased from pillar to post [...]

History’s River

The river Orontes passes through Antakya (Antioch) City that has a rooted history from Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods to Ottoman Empire, French mandate and Turkish Republic times. While the river is the reasoning of [...]


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Rethinking the Small Things

I'm thinking about the small things we do that harm nature. I planted a pyramidal Norway Spruce four years ago. I wanted the tree to block my view of a neighbor's bathroom window, one without [...]

Souls In-earthed

The Kirkbride Cemetery itself and the Poor Farm Cemetery. Both are full of graves, most unmarked. Crates with rusting bindings edge the cemetery; each crate has five grave markers engraved with names and dates of [...]

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