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West Beach, Gulf Shores, Alabama

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We had a small gathering and we met at our section of beach in Alabama…where we monitor and support nesting loggerhead sea turtles. We made a sea turtle and after finishing the clouds looked like the RadJoy bird…the photos of the clouds didn’t come out so great but it was there, flying over us… joyful that people all over the planet are spreading joy!

It has been an especially difficult week for me personally….I have had such grief about humanity’s path of destruction and greed. Gathering with two of my friends (others backed out) was perfect…we even coordinated color of shirts without planning it! Working to build something from whatever was on the beach, knowing people all over the planet were also building joy from sadness….it was especially touching!

This was on West Beach, near Gulf Shores, Alabama. We are in hopes the art left will inspire a mama sea turtle to nest tonight…I’ll update you if it happens!

West Beach, Gulf Shores, Alabama


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