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To do the RadJoy Practice takes fierce love of a place and the courage to face it when it’s fallen on hard times! Recognizing that we can’t change the world outside us—or the world within—without first confronting the challenges before us, we take the big step of going to those places that have been damaged or endangered and making a bold, spontaneous gift of guerrilla beauty there. Often that gift is the RadJoy Bird made of sticks, stones, twigs, flowers, or even trash that the place itself provides. And on the Global Earth Exchange people all over the world Dare to Bear Witness on the same day.


You can read about the experiences and joys created at this year’s Global Earth Exchange.


The 2019 Global Earth Exchange was on Saturday, June 22!

Since the first Global Earth Exchange in 2010 people have made guerrilla beauty at gas fracking sites, clear-cut forests, the polluted Pacific Ocean, endangered dolphins and bats and honeybees, the war-torn city of Kabul, ancient Stonehenge, the tsunami-ravaged Japanese city of Tohoku, an insect-infested tree in their own backyard, and hundreds of other places.

In the process we discover we can:

  • revitalize our relationship with the places we care about
  • co-create solutions and practices with others in our community
  • face situations we used to avoid
  • gain courage to cope with other kinds of challenges

Our theme for the 2019 Global Earth Exchange was DARING TO BEAR WITNESS — Together we dare to face the places we care about that are under assault and challenge what’s broken and ugly with creativity, compassion, and collaboration.


See where other Hosts participated this year!

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Radical Joy event placeholder image

Wyman Park, Baltimore, MD

Location Name: Wyman Park, Baltimore
Host: Lisa McCall & Lisa McCall
Wounded Place Type: Other
This is a Public event.
Radical Joy event placeholder image

Smooth Rock Croc

Location Name: Cape Cod
Host: Zoe Elliston & Paz Petersson
Wounded Place Type: Oceans + Lakes + Rivers
This is a Public event.
IMG 2346.jpg

Show Love, Not Trash

Location Name: East Rock Park, Farnam Drive overlooking the reservoir
Host: Liz Hanna
Wounded Place Type: Animals + Birds + Insects | Plants | Trees | Waste
This is a Public event.
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