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June 25, 2022

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The Earth gives so much to us!

And on the day of the Global Earth Exchange, we take the opportunity to give back.

Every year since 2010 people around the world have gathered together on this special day to give attention and simple gifts of gratitude to places they love that are hurt or under threat.

Through this ceremony, you remind the place of its beauty—and discover anew how simple actions can make a huge difference!

This year, the first 40 people to sign up for the Global Earth Exchange, with info about the place you’ll be honoring, will receive beautiful hand-embroidered RadJoy flags made by three Mayan artisans in Chiapas, Mexico!

Since RadJoy’s first Global Earth Exchange in 2010, people have made beauty at gas fracking sites, clear-cut forests, and coral reefs; for endangered dolphins, bats, and honeybees; in the war-torn city of Kabul and at ancient Stonehenge; for insect-infested trees in their own backyard, and hundreds of other places.

Looking for a wounded place near you? AreaHub gives all kinds of information about fracking sites, brownfields, cell towers, flood and tornado zones, and other areas of concern. Just type in your address or zip code.



The 5 Suggested Steps of the Earth Exchange

  • 1. Go, alone or with friends, to a wounded place.

  • 2. Sit awhile and share your stories about what the place means to you.

  • 3. Get to know the place as it is now.

  • 4. Share with the others what you discovered.

  • 5. Make a simple gift of beauty for the place.

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