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Wally Farms

The farm team at Wally Farms did our Global Earth Exchange yesterday by honoring the land and the original inhabitants, planting a flower spiral (incorporating found objects from the farm) and then all “shaking” to [...]

For the rivers, trees, Ukraine

There weren't a lot of words exchanged amongst the 4 humans and one pitbull who took part in our Earth Exchange experience, and we moved around the grounds separately, each engaged in our own earthy [...]

A Forest of Burns and Beauty

We are all members of a year-long book group called The Living Earth Book Club. The first book we read this year was Radical Joy for Hard Times. We have just finished To Speak for the [...]

Oso Mudslide, again.

I came again this year for the Global Earth Exchange to the community of Oso, Washington.   My first visit was 2014 while I was at my daughter's in the Pacific Northwest shortly after Spring [...]

For Those Who Saw No Other Way

Lauren: Today we went to a place that symbolizes the despair and hopelessness so many young people feel.  Cornell Campus’ Thurston Ave Bridge is well-known both for its extraordinary beauty and its dark history of [...]

Dragon Bird

Two of us were available to make prayers for our wounded world. We went to a crowded beach where many young people were swimming, despite the toxic waters. It’s natural for us humans to seek [...]

Earth Exchange at Putah Creek

My Earth Exchange today was along Putah Creek near Winters, CA. This creek stretches from mountains north of Lake Berryessa to the Sacramento River delta area. It was a source of food, water, basket materials, [...]

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