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For the Waters of Denmark

Host: susanne joergensen
Location Name: Tranekaer, Denmark
Wounded Place Type: Oceans + Lakes + Rivers
This is a Private event.
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Remembering gratitude

Host: Julie Heavens
Location Name: Gors Fawr stone circle
Wounded Place Type: Climate change | Historic & Cultural Sites
This is a Private event.
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Hurricane Michael blast at Cape San Blas

Host: Michael Beck
Location Name: Cape San Blas (St Jospeh State Park) Florida
Wounded Place Type: Natural disasters
This is a Public event.

Screen Shot 2019 05 17 At 8.48.51 PM

When Hurricane Michael came ashore just south of Panama City, Florida a little over 6 months ago it was initially rated as a powerful Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Last month, April , the National Hurricane Center conducted a detailed post-storm analysis and raised the landfall intensity to between 140 and 160 mph, a Category 5. At the cost of 16 human lives and an estimated $25 billion Hurricane Michael was only the second storm this powerful to make landfall in the United States since 1992 when Hurricane Andrew crossed the southern most tip of Florida.

About 16 miles south of ground zero from the death and unimaginable damage to property and infratructure of  October  10, 2018 is a narrow one mile wide and seven mile long strip of land that sticks its chin out into the Guif of Mexico—Cape San Blas. This isolated fishhook-shaped barb of land has long been protected from typical Florida coastal overdevelopment by the existence of T.H. Stone Memorial St Joseph Peninsula State Park whose entrance and campgrounds formed a barrier at the end of State Road 30E, forming an entrance to the wilderness beyond.

The fury of Hurricane Michael submerged much of the narrow strip of land that the state park occupied.The storm surge destroyed the narrow land bridge that connected the lightly inhabited portion of Cape San Blas’ retirement community to the park creating a brand new island.  The cape and its feel of a bygone era with 100 ft tall pristine sand dunes that could be enjoyed any time of year in solitude have been forever altered. Those wishing to join me in binding the earth with love and attention can join me at the end of asphalt on Cape San Blas Rd (aka Hwy 30E.)

Global Earth Exchange 2019

Afghan Peace Volunteers

Host: Afghan Peace Volunteers
Location Name: Kabul, Afghanistan
Wounded Place Type: War & Violence
This is a Private event.
The Afghan Peace Volunteers will once again join the Global Earth Exchange by working together in their permaculture garden in Kabul.

Art Circle in Antalya

Host: Deniz Kurt Duruoz
Location Name: Antalya, Turkey
Wounded Place Type: Historic & Cultural Sites
This is a Private event.
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U.K. from The Lake District to Dorset

Host: Benet Waterman
Location Name: Journey by car from North to South
Wounded Place Type: Animals + Birds + Insects | Historic & Cultural Sites | Other | Plants | Trees | Waste
This is a Private event.
Time to consider the impact we as humans have on the areas we pass through or visit as we take vacations –   debris so often litters service stations and lay-bys, waste bins overflow – rest areas are spoiled – little thought is given to the ‘corridors’ along which people travel … they become a no-man’s land … who picks up the pieces ? What are local communities left with ? Time to take stock – to take responsibility- to demonstrate love and respect for the world around us and all within it – the two-leggeds, four-leggeds, finned and winged ones, the flora and fauna … all in our shared home. If not us, then who ? If not now,  then when ?
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I Vow to Develop Compassion

Host: shemmaho goodenough
Location Name: Portuguese Point at the Hugh-Keeleyside Dam
Wounded Place Type: Industry & Development | Oceans + Lakes + Rivers
This is a Public event.
This Dam is one of many on the Columbia River, and is part of the Columbia River Treaty, which is being renegotiated.  The Indigenous people have just been given an observer status, they had non before, and we are hoping to get some fish ladders south of the border, so the Salmon can return.  I have been called to live here by the salmon spirit in 1970, and it is becoming increasingly clear how I can help this river. I will not apologize for my lack of expertise with websites, but you must know I am greatly challenged, do not own a cellphone or smartphone, but I will get you some photos when I can. I found your book in the local library, and am excited to get hooked up with this global network-it is the most inclusive I have seen. I will keep in touch, I just wanted to get registered so I can move forward.
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a circle of remembering, honoring our sacred connection to earth

Host: christine morro
Location Name: Atlantic Ocean ~ Sagaponack, NY
Wounded Place Type: Oceans + Lakes + Rivers
This is a Public event.
The sea is vast, looking out at the horizon it is measured against the sky and appears as limitless.  I stand before the sea and reminded that it is the source of life.  In my lifetime the human community has forgotten right relationship.  We have taken more than we have given.  We have lost our way doing great harm along the way.  We stopped listening.  Very few create ceremony to give thanks.   Many have stopped hearing the call to celebrate this great body that is governed by the moon and is not separate from our own body.
IMG 3402 1.jpg

Honoring Healing Water

Host: Sandy Shea
Location Name: Slate River near Crested Butte, Colorado
Wounded Place Type: Climate change | Historic & Cultural Sites | Mineral extraction | Oceans + Lakes + Rivers
This is a Public event.
IMG 3402

Looking to Oh Be Joyful Creek

Located close to 10,000′ in elevation above the town of Crested Butte, this site at the confluence of the Slate River and Oh-Be-Joyful Creek is still threatened by the potential of large scale industrial mining, as well as having been heavily impacted by historic heavy metals and coal mining. This site exemplifies our past abuse of pristine headwaters for short-term economic gain, and brings into sharp focus our continuing use of water mostly for human concerns. The event will highlight the connective and healing properties of water and allow participants to express their gratitude for water on behalf of the human, and more-than-human world.
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Host: Lizabeth Kashinsky
Location Name: Bellows
Wounded Place Type: Animals + Birds + Insects | Climate change | Historic & Cultural Sites | Oceans + Lakes + Rivers | Plants | Trees | War & Violence
This is a Public event.
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Heartflow-Honoring the Housatonic River

Host: Sarah Natan
Location Name: Great Barrington, MA
Wounded Place Type: Climate change | Historic & Cultural Sites | Natural disasters | Oceans + Lakes + Rivers | Waste
This is a Public event.
  The river’s name is derived from the Mohican phrase “usi-a-di-en-uk”, translated as “beyond the mountain place” or “river of the mountain place”  From  1932 until 1977, the river was was contaminated by PCB  discharges from the General Electric (GE) plant in Pittsfield MA. The EPA designated superfund sites in Pittsfield  in 1997, and ordered GE to remediate the site.  Although the EPA and GE began a kind of clean up of the area in 1999, there is much controversy over how they are proposing to deal with the waste. Birds, such as ducks, and fish that live in and around the river contain significant levels of PCBs and can present health risks if consumed. Additionally, the corn farms along the river use pesticides containing glyphosate. Because of the toxicity, communities have generally turned their backs to the river.   
Our goal is to celebrate the river with words/art/song/dance/blessings and to raise awareness about creating Legal Rights for Nature for the river. We will have a ‘bridge-to-bridge’ walking procession along the GB River Walk, beginning in Stanley Park (by the closed Cottage St. bridge), and stopping at 3-4 different places to ‘celebrate’ the River… culminating in a Bridge St. blessing and a Flotilla launch [by Searles Hotel] downstream.
The sight we will end the procession is the spot on the river where the last battle of King Phillips war was fought and lost. We will honor our indigenous relatives in this way.
We will celebrate the beauty and history of the river and honor the water as the source of life.  
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Fallen Towers: Brayton Point Earth Exchange

Host: Desiree Brunton
Location Name: Brayton Point, Somerset (to be updated)
Wounded Place Type: Animals + Birds + Insects | Climate change | Industry & Development | Mineral extraction | Oceans + Lakes + Rivers | Waste
This is a Public event.

We are preparing and honoring the land and water in an earth exchange at the former Brayton Point Power Station in Somerset, once the largest coal-fired power plant in New England.

The waterfront facility ceased operation two years ago and its new owner is transforming the 308-acre site for the offshore wind industry. 

We will say a sweet goodbye, gather, create from rubble and meditate with the earth, welcoming new beginnings and growth.
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“Singing by Atlantic Waters”

Host: Harriet Platts
Location Name: ABC Caring for Creation
Wounded Place Type: Oceans + Lakes + Rivers
This is a Public event.
Will be part of the American Baptist Church’s Biennial Meeting in Virginia Beach.  This year this denomination is hosting several plenary offerings on Care of Creation.  I’m hopeful to have a group of people join in a ‘placed-based,’ acknowledgement for the distress of ocean waters.  Songs and prayers will be offered on a nearby beach after sunset.
GEE 2018.jpg


Host: Jennifer Wilhoit
Location Name: Pacific Northwest
Wounded Place Type: Trees
This is a Public event.
Trees sustain us in so many ways: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Yet, we are decimating forests and groves at alarming rates – tree by tree. Our intention in this ceremony is to honor all trees, those still standing and those who have been felled.
Earth Grief Shrine 2.jpg

Reweaving the World: Healing and Renewal in Troubled Times

Host: Lara Lwin Treadaway
Location Name: Loving Earth Sanctuary
Wounded Place Type: Animals + Birds + Insects | Climate change | Historic & Cultural Sites | Trees
This is a Public event.

A Rewilding Retreat to Reclaim our Ancestral Ways, Cultivate Courage and Resilience,

Awaken our Gifts, and Remember Our Unique Life Song in these Troubled Times

May 4-5, 2019 / Loving Earth Sanctuary, nr. Lockwood, CA

This weekend retreat took place at Loving Earth Sanctuary, a beautiful 40 acre property in the foothills of the Santa Lucia mountains. Structured around deep ecologist Joanna Macy’s framework of The Work That Reconnects we reclaimed our old ways of being with each other and with the land through the transformative power of communal ritual, song, myth and poetry, and learned the ancestral skills of spinning, weaving and awakening fire from friction. From a foundation of gratitude and beauty we honored our sorrows and losses, transmuted our grief for the world into creative re-engagement, and wove our unique gifts into a shared song of renewed commitment to care for ourselves, each other, and the Earth. The land at Loving Earth Sanctuary has suffered many wounds since the effects of colonization on the native Salinans and their sacred lifeways. Since the loss of the original native stewards of these ancestral lands who had managed and maintained the natural fire-cycles here for thousands of years, the land has lost its carefully cultivated abundance of the past and become overgrown with certain plants. With the introduction of non-native grasses and thistles and cattle choking out the perennial native grasses over many generations, many of the springs and creeks have since dried up and the land is thirsty now for much of the year. The condors, elk, and grizzly bear that once roamed these hills are also long gone. This gathering was an invitation to honor the wounds of this land, the ancestors, the native people, our wider world, and our own broken open hearts in these times of ecological and societal collapse through ritual offerings of beauty, gratitude, and belonging. We explored creative and collaborative ways to engage and respond to these times of crisis through opening our hearts and hands and sharing story, myth, poetry, and song. We learned the ancient skills of spinning and weaving, working with sacredly harvested, organically dyed *wool and weaving a sacred communal tapestry of grief, gratitude, vision, and inspiration. This tapestry will continue to be woven with stories and songs from other grievers and weavers at future gatherings. We awakened fire from friction through the power of native plants and community, released into the ceremonial fire what was asking to be burned away, and called in our sacred intentions for the challenges of our lives and of the world. We used native dyes to bring the colors of the earth to our communal tapestry, and wove in threads of grief, gratitude and golden threads of inspiration to guide us through these dark times. We explored ways to bring our unique gifts and ways of contributing to the world forward in these challenging times and sang to each other so that we might each remember and reclaim our individual life songs as a way to repair and reweave our beautiful troubled world. In the days afterwards Black Sage and Yerba Santa was wild harvested from the land and woven together with wild flowers from our Earth Grief Shrine into sacred bundles for ceremonial burning. These bundles were tied with golden thread from a ball of hand spun yarn organically dyed with onion skins and orange osage and gifted to us by Trebbe Johnson, founder of Radical Joy for Hard Times. A pomegranate tree was offered to the land in gratitude for holding and hearing us. Golden thread was wrapped gently around the roots of the tree, altar flowers were laid around its base, and ash from the ceremonial fire was ritually offered along with water from our water shrine to provide healing nourishment. This tree will stand as a symbol of the beauty that can be made when our wounded hearts come together in sacred ways to make offerings of grief and gratitude to our wounded world. Prayers for healing and renewal, and for all of life – past, present, and future – were offered to the evergreen leaves of the pomegranate tree and the unborn red seeds of fire of its fruit, and sent out into the wind for the healing of our world. * We worked with sustainably sourced Churro wool from a sheepherder who herds Churro sheep on Black Mesa with the Diné (Navajo) people. Working with this precious yarn honors this heritage breed of sheep and the history of this ancient practice, helping to support the Diné people of the Black Mesa area financially so that they will be able to remain on their ancestral lands and continue to practice their traditional ways. LOCATION The land at Loving Earth Sanctuary is being cared for by a community that is committed to non-violently resisting the exploitative, consumption-driven systems upon which modern society subsists by modeling an electricity-and-fossil-fuel-free lifestyle. This land-based community tends a kitchen garden and food forest, provides educational opportunities and internships to those looking to get hands on experience living with the land, and offers a space for healing gatherings centered around grief work, ancestral skills, land-based living, earth-based spirituality, and permaculture. FACILITATOR/TEACHERS Lara Lwin Treadaway facilitates healing in community, weaving transformative group process, council practice, nature connection, storytelling, poetry, and song to cultivate courage and inspiration in these troubled times. She is passionate about holding circles of beauty, meaning, and truth-telling, and believes that community ritual, earth reconnection, sacred grief work, and the creative arts are pathways to restoring deep belonging within ourselves, between each other, and with the more-then-human-world. Kate Jaffe is a sheep shearer, weaver, and wilderness educator living in Santa Cruz, California. She is inspired in each moment of the fiber making process – by both the story and the texture. She feels deeply about the powerful act of weaving together ancient tradition and modern relationship to place, lineage, and each-other through the art of textiles. Kate will teach the ancient craft of spinning on the drop spindle with sacredly harvested wool, and will also teach traditional weaving techniques. Gloria Wilson is a poet and a deep lover of the natural world and utilizes ancestral skills to bring her closer to the divine. She lives part time at Loving Earth Sanctuary a land-based living project, centered around radical simplicity. Gloria will teach the ancient art of making fire from friction, working with the power of native plants to awaken flames for our ceremonial fire. She will also be teaching the traditional practice of using native dyes, including black walnut and acorn, to dye the yarn for our community weaving. MORE INFORMATION
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The River is Us

Host: Joy Kreves
Location Name: Delaware Riverbank at Washington Crossing Park NJ
Wounded Place Type: Industry & Development | Oceans + Lakes + Rivers | Waste
This is a Private event.
The Delaware River looks beautiful and pristine when you don’t know.  Our drinking water, like for so many people, comes from the Delaware Watershed.  The past few years, we keep getting letters that our water contains certain chemicals that it shouldn’t, and we wonder if our filters get those things out.  Then I saw a news article that several companies have been unlawfully dumping toxic chemicals into the river.  We are worried about the health of the river and of ourselves.  Of course we are but  river bodies in another form ourselves, and an unhealthy river means unhealthy people. Ongoing attempts by Penn East to build a gas pipeline through this area are another category of threats to pure water in the Delaware River.  The current administration is doing everything it can to weaken environmental and water quality laws.  We will honor the river and make a gift to let her know we are grateful for her continual gifts to the area.
Kal Visuals 592123 Unsplash.jpg

Journey to the Spring

Host: Laurie Martinez Duncan
Location Name: Orlando, Florida
Wounded Place Type:
This is a Private event.
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Baseline Creep for the Black River

Host: Sasha Daucus
Location Name: Black River, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Wounded Place Type: Animals + Birds + Insects | Climate change | Industry & Development | Oceans + Lakes + Rivers | Plants | Trees | Waste
This is a Public event.
Pristine waterways are one of the hallmarks of the Ozarks and close-by regions. Though many of the rivers continue to be beautiful, are you noticing a decline in overall water, bank, and animal and insect life? You may tell yourself it’s still beautiful and that ‘it’s OK’ that it’s not the way it used to be… but which way is the trend of change going? This small gradual loss of quality is called ‘Baseline Creep’ where the norm of what we expect changes. Come bear witness to baseline creep for the Black River where it runs through Poplar Bluff, MO. How do you feel about the changes you may notice?
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Climate Change Communication Class Global Earth Exchange

Host: Joanna Huxster
Location Name: Eckerd College (South Beach)
Wounded Place Type: Climate change | Natural disasters | Oceans + Lakes + Rivers | Plants | Trees
This is a Private event.
I teach a course every Spring semester entitled “Climate Change Communication.” At the end of the semester we talk about our own feelings of hopelessness and loss and how we can move past them. The Global Earth Exchange helps both me and my students feel like we are expressing our gratitude to our ecological community, and it helps us to heal a little bit from the psychological distress we are under with climate change. Our campus is on the water and is extremely vulnerable to sea level rise and hurricanes. My students are young people who have done so little in their own lifetimes to create the climate problem, and yet who will be disproportionately impacted in the future. We all need a little more beauty in our lives, and this event helps us create that.
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Cultivating Unity: Beauty and Land Gratitude

Host: Erin Schneider
Location Name: Madison area and Sauk County Wisconsin
Wounded Place Type: Animals + Birds + Insects | Climate change | Plants | Trees | Waste
This is a Private event.
Our act of beauty will be a mix of land gratitude and mandala making. A week prior to the event, our team will forage for natural materials and flowers found in our community, backyards, forests, etc. We will use the materials we find to inspire the shape of our mandala. Our team will build a skeleton of the mandala, and create a unique art piece as an offering to the land that has been wounded by neglect and pollution. Our mandala is symbolic of holding space to pay respect to the land, each other and offer beauty to the world we live in.
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Nature Connection & Living as a Witness to Life

Host: Judy Todd
Location Name: In the forest, along the river, at the foot of the mountain in the Pacific Northwest
Wounded Place Type: Animals + Birds + Insects | Climate change | Historic & Cultural Sites | Plants | Trees
This is a Private event.
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Bearing Witness: Valley Brook

Host: Jane Smith
Location Name: Fanny's Croft, Alsager
Wounded Place Type: Animals + Birds + Insects | Industry & Development | Oceans + Lakes + Rivers | Trees | Waste
This is a Public event.
Valley Brook runs through Alsager and on towards Crewe, as it has done since time immemorial. But in recent decades it’s also become a waste depository for the relentless construction and development projects in the area, with little or no thought for the animals and insects that rely on Valley Brook or for the stream itself. Meeting at Fanny’s Croft car park at 11, we’ll take a gentle stroll along Valley Brook as a way of honouring the stream and the life it has supported, still supports and can support again. Please bring small natural gifts to leave at the brook if you’d like to.  
Puri Lumbung

Puri Lumbung Earth Exchange

Host: Trebbe Johnson
Location Name: Puri Lumbung Cottages
Wounded Place Type: Oceans + Lakes + Rivers
This is a Private event.
Puri Lumbung Cottages in the village of Munduk, northern Bali, has been participating in the Global Earth Exchange since the very first one. Their events have ranged from cleaning litter along the road, releasing a rehabilitated hawk, and making prayers for the Earth at a sacred ceremony. We eagerly await their contribution this year!
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Bearing Witness to Baseline Creep

Host: Harriet Sams
Location Name: Percy Beck, Barnard Castle
Wounded Place Type: Animals + Birds + Insects | Climate change | Historic & Cultural Sites | Plants | Trees
This is a Public event.
‘Baseline’ creep is a term that describes what we know to be the norm that is slowly changing. A good example is that of the nightingale; our grandparents would have heard its call frequently but now it is very rare. Now it is the song thrush that is becoming rare, and in our children’s lifetime it may be the common blackbird.   I invite you to come and attend this Global Earth Exchange to bear witness to this baseline creep, as it is happening in our own backyard. What birds do we hear? What is missing? What have we noticed that is gone, and what do we still have that we need to retain?
Jura 2149 Through The Roots Of A Fallen Tree By Swissnaturelover Dczqlxt Pre

Beauty in and for a Damaged Larch Forest

Host: Trebbe Johnson
Location Name: Florence Shelly Wetlands Preserve, Thompson, PA
Wounded Place Type: Trees
This is a Public event.
A sudden and violent windstorm tore down many old larch trees in our nature preserve. What was once a trail among tall trees is now a labyrinth of upturned trunks. And yet there is a strange beauty to these trees, as their root systems are exposed and new plants take root in the clumps of soil. We will explore this contrary area of the forest, look for what’s strong and lovely and resilient there, have a meditation on brokenness and wholeness… and make a spontaneous gift of guerrilla beauty for the trees.


Radical Joy Revealed is a weekly message of inspiration about finding and making beauty in wounded places.