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June 25, 2022

The Earth gives so much to us!

And on the day of the Global Earth Exchange, we take the opportunity to give back.

Every year since 2010 people around the world have gathered together on this special day to give attention and simple gifts of gratitude to places they love that are hurt or under threat.

Through this ceremony, you remind the place of its beauty—and discover anew how simple actions can make a huge difference to you!

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Read below about some of the amazing ways that people find and make beauty for the places they love.

Radical Joy for Hard Times is an organization, practice, and worldwide community dedicated to giving back to those places on Earth that have given so much to us and can’t give what they used to.

Every Place Matters

Radical Joy for Hard Times is a worldwide community of people dedicated to bringing meaning, beauty, and value to places that have been damaged by human or natural acts.

We are willing to face the sorrow we feel when the places we care about have been hurt and to respond not by turning our backs but by boldly stepping forth to spend time with these places and offer them gifts of love and gratitude for all they have given to us. We believe that in these troubling times, taking care of the places where we live in the present, even as we work for a better future is an essential tool for survival.

Listening to the land and to one another, we discover a new sense of belonging. We gain the courage to go through hard times, for we see that it is always possible to give beauty and kindness. We recognize that all places, like all people, have inherent value. We discover that, although we may disagree with our neighbors about some things, we share a deep and abiding love of place.

We understand that we are all connected in the common ground beneath our hearts.

Our Mission
Gifts for Places
Hearts Connected
Shared Home

Radical Joy Values

We can’t wait to love the places we’re losing.

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Join us as we strengthen and nourish our global network together!

Join RadJoy Community, the online hub for people who are committed to finding and making wild acts of beauty in hurt and challenged places! Share stories and photos, meet other people who are bringing gifts and attention to the Earth. You’re welcome whether you’ve been doing the RadJoy Practice for years or if you’re just discovering it and want to know more.

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Global Earth Exchange Stories

Feed your soul with stories of heartache and radical joy!

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Along the Haw River

I am often walking along the river —to be in relationship and prayer with this incredible being .... So, it was a beautiful opportunity to connect this time with the other folks around the world [...]

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