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Highway Junction in Ripley County, Missouri

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I did my Global Earth Exchange at the junction of two state highways where I had a car accident. I learned after the accident that this place was a dangerous intersection with relatively frequent accidents. Although the accident was over a decade ago, I think of it every time I am at the intersection, which is weekly or more.

Sitting in my truck, observing the junction during the GEX, I began to see the factors which made it dangerous. It is at a low-lying place with hills on either side of the approach that restrict visibility and there is a sharp drop-off on one side. I decided to do my Act of Beauty close to where I had the accident, on the edge of the road under a yellow traffic sign.

I picked up a broken piece of another car’s fender, a few attractive rocks, some asphalt and large white trumpet blooms. Nervously and quickly I arranged them for my Act of Beauty. Then I hurried back to where my truck was safely parked, only remembering then that where I was parked was also where we had pulled our cars after the accident.

I noticed then that the Stop sign near this side road had been struck recently and a temporary Stop sign was in place. I created an Act of Beauty there as well, twining a wreath of flowers that bloomed close by and hanging it around the bent Stop sign pole. As I did it, the words on these bright red signs spoke to me deeply. “Stop, Stop!” (the rushing, and the lack of caring for the Earth.)

Highway Junction in Ripley County, Missouri


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