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Atlantic Ocean, Sagaponack NY

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I recently heard a talk on Parabola’s podcast on Renewal…these words brought me back to the morning of my rad joy creation in Sagaponack “small things with great love reach farther than we can see”  Our world is in crisis and although the early morning sun eases fear, heartbreak and distress…grief takes a hold of my heart.  My brother Tom of 56 years recently suffered a severe stroke.  His inability at this time to engage fully in our wondrous world widens compassion and grief.  It has taken me by surprise that i can hold all of this.  I do because I love and have faith in our connection to the sun, moon and earth and in beauty.  Our connection with the sacred sustains, nourishes and supports.

Why this Place?

Atlantic Ocean, Sagaponack NY

I have been living on the eastern end of long island for ten years. If you imagine a fish’s tail or a swallow’s the way they fork…i am on the southern fork whose shoreline meets with the Atlantic Ocean. It is here where i come to listen to life.  to make contact with primary nature…instinctive and authentic. On a june morning nearing the solstice I cycled to the ocean not knowing what creation would be sparked for the Radical Joy annual ritual. I trusted and began collecting planks of wood that had washed up during a recent storm.  A bird began to appear. A wing first then the splay of tail feathers.

Act of Beauty

Say more about your actions and activity

during the time I was creating for rad joy in Sagaponack a group of kite surfers were taking flight.  I have mixed feelings about extreme supports ~ i was surprised by the delight of seeing fellow beings airborne.  Unexpected delight.Fullsizeoutput 3a63


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