Our batmobile turned out to be a fantastic act of beauty to honor the bats. So many people made bats! We had about 450 decorated bats and about half of them went into the mobile while the other half were represented in other ways. We held our global earth exchange in the Community Market in Lynchburg, Virginia, where we had an information table about bats and an art table so people could make their own bat at the event. The mobile will remain on display for about 3 weeks and then we hope it might travel to other venues.

Here are some photos of us making the mobile and the event. The 1st three are probably the ones you will want to choose from for the website…plus maybe one other for the scale of the mobile. The first 3 feature the Radical Joy bird amongst the bats. I will write up a little more about the event soon. Thank you so much for creating the day of Global Earth Exchanges. It was very meaningful to me, and a way to consciously give back to the creatures I love and the Earth herself.