Modoc National forest is the homeland of the Modoc native peoples who were, like so many other native peoples, were driven from their homes force marched from northern California to Oklahoma where they were forced to live as ‘white’ folks and were unable to continue their sustainable life styles. Our group has been going there for many years, late spring or late summer, to fast and pray and learn from the land. The Forest Service is now cutting juniper trees, as they are across the west, in order to provide grazing space for cattle. They say they’re doing it to protect habitat for the endangered sage grouse, which is being driven now from its home everywhere by oil barons.  The earth tells us differently….
We called ourselves the Wild Hearts and are a group of women dedicated to our earth-based lives for the benefit of all life. We vow to protect this place and have a grandmother juniper who shelters and protects and teaches us every year. This is us living in joy and gratitude beneath her generous branches..