Here is a sequence from High Hope for our 7th year in participation with the Global Earth Exchange…
A full group was gathered; folks from Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex who came for a Solstice weekend, a Celebration of Light, organized by one of High Hope’s Dream Team of Youngers (first photo of Stephani at the Resilience Garden center altar). Her purpose is to connect others to High Hope so that city folks can receive Her and Nature’s blessings.
And, to add as background—there are more Youngers, in their 20’s and 30’s, who have also arrived to High Hope— and they are the answers to many prayers long held, to include “the next generation of stewards.” In mid-March, three asked for refuge and sanctuary from the big cities, and are now becoming full-time residents.
Our ceremonies were sequenced in High Hope’s Resilience Garden, a 1/2-acre Biodynamic garden and demonstration area coming into being with this recent increase of capacity, skill and focus!
We opened the whole weekend with Council.
And then asked everyone to come into the garden and choose to “pull weeds” (photo 2, 4 and 5 of our Johnson grass quadrant) or “pick up stones” — as a way to further empty themselves of whatever might be a burden or hindrance to their capacity to love themselves and the earth.
After, we co-created the land-flight bird by what was brought and/or what was pulled, with the center altar (photo 3) becoming the heart of the bird.
Once completed, we stood around the bird and passed around a tiny glass globe with the imprint of all continents and oceans, and in this way, sent our prayers to the wounds of the planet.
As a Circle, we also passed a bag of Runes, a divination Guide by Ralph Blum, based on Norse mythology, and asked “what do we need to know?”
“Gebo,” the Rune of Partnership came forth, gifting us with their teachings (photos included below).
We each marveled and exchanged, and continue to incorporate what this Rune reminds and asks of each of us, going forward…
We then walked to the Star Pad, and took in the long views from High Hope’s rims and absorbed the earth and sky and planetary energies.