Pierce Murray
Tongva, Luiseno,Kizh, Cahuilla territories in Riverside, CA

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Healing the hurts and wounds of our family lineages on the cracked concrete covering the earth of our family home.

Why this Place?

Tongva, Luiseno,Kizh, Cahuilla territories in Riverside, CA

Family home for 66 years

Act of Beauty

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I communicated with my ill sister about wounds she would like to recognize and honor and she brought up a rift that has divided the few of us in our family left on this earth. It felt important to reach out to her and to perform the ceremony in the yard of our family home.

The hibiscus leaves and petals came  from bushes that represented family members who had died. The rock bridging the crack in the concrete, which is not very visible, represents a wounded person that is causing the rift.  All of us still alive and our ancestors and descendants  were all around embracing and supporting this healing and bridging action.


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