Tuesdays, beginning September 13
8-10 AM EDT
£87.50 / €105 / $120
Five zoom calls, three weeks apart for 13 weeks

Harriet Sams’s acclaimed course, recently run through Tariki Trust for eleven people from all over the world, is back!

Attending to Place is a place-based practice that helps you develop ways of personally relating to wounded places.

The course is part of Tariki Trust’s Ten Directions training course for ecotherapy practitioners—but all are welcome to participate.Screen Shot 2022 01 19 At 11.04.46 AM

Attending to Place offers you a focus for deep immersion over time into a place you care about that is hurting—and so is hurting you in turn. Through Harriet’s expert guidance, you  connect into awareness of the wounds and the gifts of the place. You will expand and deepen the ways in which you relate to wounded places, to yourself in relationship with them, and to our communities as we search for ways of living with ecological damage in the years and generations to come.

  • Summer term, for three months
  • Five zoom calls, three weeks apart
  • Five earth-based practices

Offered by by Tariki Trust.

For more information and to register, click here.