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Dragon Bird

Two of us were available to make prayers for our wounded world. We went to a crowded beach where many young people were swimming, despite the toxic waters. It’s natural for us humans to seek [...]

Earth Exchange at Putah Creek

My Earth Exchange today was along Putah Creek near Winters, CA. This creek stretches from mountains north of Lake Berryessa to the Sacramento River delta area. It was a source of food, water, basket materials, [...]

Development in Florida

Sadly deveopment in florida is everywhere I made an offering to the land after spend the day at a small island in the intercostal Sadly the motor boats and tourists pollute every place in florida [...]

Habari Pond Ceremony

Our water ceremony, again at Habari Pond (which, because of the ongoing drought, is down to 10-15%), was the location on June 21st - also the day of signing for the signing of the transfer [...]

How to Fill a Hole

What do you do with a big hole? Do you negotiate around it? Do you figure it’s beyond repair and try to ignore it? Or do you take the RadJoy approach and fill the hole [...]

Reimagining the Unimaginable

Author and educator Joanna Macy has taught that there are three positive ways of dealing with a difficult situation: 1.     Fight to save what matters 2.     Work to create new, positive alternatives 3.     Change consciousness Sometimes, if we’re [...]

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