I Vow to Develop Compassion

Portuguese Point at the Hugh-Keeleyside Dam
June 22, 2019
12:00 PM



shemmaho goodenough


Industry & Development, Oceans + Lakes + Rivers

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Event Inspiration

This Dam is one of many on the Columbia River, and is part of the Columbia River Treaty, which is being renegotiated.  The Indigenous people have just been given an observer status, they had non before, and we are hoping to get some fish ladders south of the border, so the Salmon can return.  I have been called to live here by the salmon spirit in 1970, and it is becoming increasingly clear how I can help this river. I will not apologize for my lack of expertise with websites, but you must know I am greatly challenged, do not own a cellphone or smartphone, but I will get you some photos when I can. I found your book in the local library, and am excited to get hooked up with this global network-it is the most inclusive I have seen. I will keep in touch, I just wanted to get registered so I can move forward.




Near a known address




Hugh Keenleyside Dam, Keenleyside Rd, Robson, BC V0G 1X0, Canada


This is a Public event.

Special Notes & Instructions

This event is close enough to a road that you can bring a chair if needed.  We will be meeting around 9am to orient ourselves, and will start the ceremony promptly at 9:30.  We need to do this, as it is brutally hot here, and we want to be finished before the UV index is high.

Please bring food for a potluck lunch, or late brunch, however you like to see that meal, after our ceremony.

Please contact me at 250-365-6843 for more information.

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