East Cork ,Ardnahinch Bay
June 22, 2019
11:00 AM



Paul Fearon


Animals + Birds + Insects, Oceans + Lakes + Rivers, Waste

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Event Inspiration

Our East Cork coast line is spectacularly beautiful with views of Ballycotton Lighthouse to the West and Caple Island to the East. Plastics  are washed ashore daily from households and the fishing industry. However they reached the water through accident, omission or carelessness it is important to remove what we can from the Sea. Micro and nano plastics are harmful to aquatic life and to the health of our waters. Not being able to swim in waters because of pollution causes a pain for the waters and for those that can not use the water. Waist that gets flushed into public sanitation services enevitably ends in the sea or blocks up water pipes. Picking up one piece of plastic results in one less piece in that moment. I love our Seas and waterways  and their inhabitants and know it connects us all. Caring for it offers something back for all it gives and continues to give.




At a specific address


Ardnahinch Bay, County Cork, Ireland event.

Special Notes & Instructions

The event is at Ardnahinch Beach 11am Saturday 22nd June. Bring Gloves, a picker if you have one, bags to collect. We will create a piece of beauty with what we find before re bagging it for collection.