Along the Haw River

I am often walking along the river —to be in relationship and prayer with this incredible being .... So, it was a beautiful opportunity to connect this time with the other folks around the world [...]

Breath of life

This year, I ventured out solo for my exchange with the earth, pursuing a moment of sunshine that had broken through after a week of rain; pursuing stillness. Travelling on my trusty bicycle, I chose [...]

Song for Barstow Mine

Four friends hiked up Spirit Gulch in Ouray County, Colorado to visit the Barstow Mine. The mine operated from 1895-1930, extracting primarily fluorite, copper, and silver. When we came upon the mine, situated at 11,000 [...]

Stop, Look Both Ways, and Listen

I did my Global Earth Exchange at the junction of two state highways where I had a car accident. I learned after the accident that this place was a dangerous intersection with relatively frequent accidents. [...]

The wounded place is me

We intended to go to Viewpoint Lookout for our Earth Exchange on a road that will soon be closed. Circumstances overtook us and we completely forgot to go. Then heavy rain set in (over 400mm [...]

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