Jill and I have been offended for a week or so by roadside litter on our local Duns Creek Road, so for our 2021 Earth Exchange we decided to go and clean it up and make a Radjoy bird out of the rubbish. An advertising line from a famous fast food provider says, “I don’t care … I love it”.  There are many of us in Duns Creek that have as their silent motto, “We do care … we love it”. That some people in the twenty-first century wind-down their car windows and toss out food packaging and drink containers onto the roadside suggests that a form of uncaring, despotic individualism still prevails. The polluters live in Duns Creek (it is a no-through road) but do not love their own home environment enough to not despoil it. On behalf of the Earth, we cleaned-up Duns Creek Road, yet there is still pollution in the mind of the “tosser” that must also be cleansed. May the Radjoy bird serve as a reminder that the beauty of this Earth is both a gift from nature and an act of creation.