Jennifer J. Wilhoit
Nearby forested acreage

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I spent a while exploring the area, appreciating its beauty and feeling grief about its imminent destruction. I then gently gathered the items for my bird and created him in a place where some leveling has already occurred. I quietly said prayers, bowed, and departed. A few hours later, I took my sweetheart to the site and we admired the beauty of the bird and the land.

Why this Place?

Nearby forested acreage

I chose this site because it is a lovely 8-acre forested parcel that is threatened by development. It is currently for sale and will be razed for housing. This area rich in biodiversity provides shelter, food, and transit for the island’s fauna: deer, coyotes, visiting cougars, black bear, rabbits, raccoons, and so many more beings, large and small. It is also home to numerous species of birds. It is a healthy area with alder/mixed conifer tree species, ferns, mosses and lichens, salal, and too many other floral species to name. This area is also an important part of my local watershed.


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