…. and then…filled with hatred of this City and its only destructive policies and methods, 15 years of examples of flagrant injustice and indifference from the new Spaniards exerting “doctrine of discovery” on us “less thans”—Hernandez, the coke-snorting-in-chambers councilman pardoned by Mahoney to rule over us despite his diseased mind, Reyes, Huizar, Villarigoosa, Molina, the soulless sell anyone for my political gain … the cowboys, republican presidents policies allowing gross violations in their own interests, Autry stealing the collection, shutting down the museum, and we all know, it’s so they can develop the pricey property for their own financial gain… my ceremonial attending to this project was only going to be to call upon the Earth to kill them as they had killed her, as i symbolically bury my land, calling on the power of Creation to cause this City to reap what it has sown, dramatically being buried itself in the death of the land it has caused.

And then, Noah and this group offered me an alternative. I read the email, my heart softened, for their sake I will give the idea of healing yet another chance. That is power, to change the direction of my heart and mind from “responding in kind” to the hideous authorities of this City, toward something more gentle and kind, as far as I’m concerned they have already proven that there is power in what they are doing this day.

June 20 – I really felt the energy of these folks like a sweet perfume and incense offered. I fully participated as they outlined allowing that you don’t necessarily SEE things healing immediately even when treatments are effective. Look up at my land when you drive by next time and you will see the symbol of my land being one of their healing sites on that sandwich-board sign that I have at the top of the first stairs. Then allow your mind to imagine a greater good for my land somehow, despite all the failure and interference that led to it being a place of death instead of life for me.

I actually am looking forward to going over to my land now and will try to take a picture of the symbolic bird after I create it there. In most indigenous spirituality a burial ceremony is about transition, not an end. I will attend to the death of my land at the hands of those who hold Ego and Ownership as their highest value, now, in participating in your effort, I will use the acknowledgement of the land being dead as a transition and listen to what the land says it’s new state will be.