Yudhi Ishwari
Munduk, Bali, Indonesia

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Ishwari - Global Earth Exchange - 2019

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This year of June 2019 the clove harvest has decreased due to uncertain weather. The conditions are different from a few years ago where the wet and dry seasons were surely come on time. When the Global Earth Exchange happen we have more rainy season than the dry season and the weather cannot be ascertained.  According to Balinese lunar calendar after the 10th full moon the weather should be clean and no rain anymore. But the climate change has happened, nowadays the rainy season and the dry season cannot be predicted, this caused the agricultural and plantation products become less optimal.

Weather greatly affects the production of clove plants which are one of the mainstay commodities of the people in North Bali, especially in Munduk Village. Clove trees need attention and stable weather conditions.

Staff of Puri Lumbung together come to an area called Munduk Saab where cloves plantation doesn’t grow flower at all. This wounded land need energy of happiness and love to make the cloves trees growing some flowers. We hope our small gathering in this area can spread the energy of happiness and love, so the land that can provide good nutrition and cloves plantation in this area can produce some flowers for harvesting next year.

Munduk, Bali, Indonesia


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