Leana Swanepoel, 

Matlapeng, South Africa

Place of Stone

Dumelang Sisi Trebbe & THANK YOU & ALL others f/enriching this Earthwalk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the planned ex-combatants did not happen at Matlapeng, …….. rather unfolded at various places in the townships—FIFA World Cup 2010 has literally ‘captivated’ all of SA. However, my sister, Annie arrived w/unexpected guests & so we assembled 

celebrating Mother Earth & All Life that dwells hereon, peace, friendships & Life xxxxxxxxxxxxx aged f/14-55, we played & prayed.

Not unlike the participant f/Ventura, I was visited by 5 iSangomas, to offer gratitude to the lands of Matlapeng, the work-play that unfolds here, & the commitment, dedication of securing a safe, sacred space to which people may retreat to xxxxxxxxxxx it was overwhelming xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


May GreatSpirit/GreatMystery Bless YOU ALL
w/Love, Awe & Laughter,
Leana Mmamarapelo
Matlapeng—place of stone