I was the only one to participate but I did my very best. As announced my field of healing Mother Earth was the Motorway Bridge crossing the Bad Neuenahr Valley. I climbed up a hill, crossing a beautiful forest and did my event on the top of the hill where there has been a castle built some 800 years ago and destroyed about 350 years ago and where I could overlook the bridge and the valley. I connected with the other participants around the world and with Mother Earth. I asked her for forgiveness for all the pain she has suffered by mankind in human history and especially the terrible and permanent noise emanating each day around the clock from that bridge. I meditated visualizing a state of consciousness of the human race when transportation will no longer be connected with noise, pollution and the waste of worthwhile resources like oil and gas. I bestowed several wonderful prayers to Mother Earth and honored her with my rattle.

I would like to share my favorite one with the Global Earth Exchange Community:



Oh Mother, my tears fall upon your face.
I just remembered,
We, the Light workers have returned
To spread our Web of love around you!
From distant stars and galaxies,
From lives past, present and future,
We come to guide your healing.
We, the Light workers, one soul to another,
Touch the hearts of many each day.

With each recognition, we laugh, smile and cry.
Our love is abundant, flowing and shimmering.
We, the Light workers, in perfect joy,
Quietly expand Unconditional Love.

Spin now ever so gently as you warm yourself,
For we, the Light workers are back
From eons of time behind and ahead.
May Love, Laughter and Tears of Joy
Rain now and forever more upon your face.