Terry Dance Bennink
Songhees First Nation

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I stood in silence and thanked the land and felled trees for offering me a home, despite their suffering.

Why this Place?

Songhees First Nation

The Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations once lived on this land for millennium along with towering ancient mother trees.  Now it is vacant uncared for land awaiting a condo development for settlers.  I left a piece of bread as a tiny token of my grief and remorse for the actions of my ancestors.  May it nourish the birds and earth now.


Along the Haw River

I am often walking along the river —to be in relationship and prayer with this incredible being .... So, it was a beautiful opportunity to connect this time with the other folks around the world [...]

Healing Blessing for the Land

The forest in this place was destroyed by fire on this day 6 years ago along with the cabin in which I was carrying out my life livng in close connection to the Earth and [...]

sticks with moss on top, in a bog!

This Earth Exchange came half way through a project we have been doing here in Hull called This Place, which has been about trying to explore our connections to Land, Community and our Selves... The [...]

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