Desdra Dawning
The shore of the Salish Sea called West Bay (southernmost tip of the Puget Sound) in Olympia Washington

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I wanted to go there to feel the barrenness of the land, stripped of vegetation, beside a very old structure still standing. I have driven by many times, but never walked down to the field.  I had a huge bush of Shasta Daisies at home, so I cut a bunch of the blossoms and brought them with me. I stood there, looking out across Budd Bay, seeing sail boats, the port with its many piles of logs waiting to be shipped to Japan or China or South Korea, standing there on what is now considered prime real estate. The Olympia City Council has decided to let a developer build multi-story apartment buildings here, without even requiring an EIS.

Why this Place?

The shore of the Salish Sea called West Bay (southernmost tip of the Puget Sound) in Olympia Washington

This part of Gaia’s shoreline was for many years an industrial site, primarily used around the logging industry. It is considered to have hazardous waste on the site, so has been deserted for many years, buildings and all, except perhaps for a few houseless folks. Now the city has agreed that a developer can, without any EIS, build some multi-story apartments here.

Act of Beauty

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So I placed my daisies in the shape of a heart, out in the middle of the graveled field. Then I stood in the middle of the heart, closed my eyes, and envisioned a park here. I saw it with its soil cleaned of any hazardous waste, with grass and trees, local art sculptures and meandering walkways, and children and families playing. Then I photographed the beauty I had created, to share with you all. May those moments help to move this sweet spot on our dear Pachamama into a new direction for all of us Beings who call this place home.


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