christine morro
northport bay, long island ny

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aware that our waters are threatened by acidification, climate change, careless dumping of toxins and runoff from fertilizers I offered a blessing…that we as humans remember our place on earth, as stewards and earth keepers. that we honor the waters with dignity and love, reverence and devotion. may we humbly remember that we are part of a living earth.  we are not separate. to protect and remember how to receive.

Why this Place?

northport bay, long island ny

Earlier this spring i encountered the work of Lynn Margulis, author of Symbiotic Planet.  Simultaneously i was experimenting with one of the earliest photographic processes called cyanotype. Anni Atkins the 18th c  botanist and photographer experimented with this no-camera process to create photograms of sea algae. Origin, symbiotic relationships, source…who are we as living beings on a shared planet. In the series of cyanotypes that i created in northport bay i allowed the waters of the bay, rock weed and other forms of sea weed and sunlight to work together without too much manipulation of my hand. I wanted this to be a story of co-creation, of the wonder of life unfolding…the magic that happens when we participate with the more than human world. It is about wildness, presence and following the inclination to honor creativity as both ritual and ceremony. It is about honoring and trusting life.


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