Hayes 1As we set out on our walk through the beautiful forest, we took turns picking stones from the path. Each stone represented someone we knew who had died during the past year. We took turns listening to the story of each person’s life and why their death impacted on us. Forty-five minutes into our walk, we each were carrying a full bag of stones. As you can see from the photo, the sadness of the stories affected us both.
When we arrived at the shore of a beautiful lake, we used the stones to form a bird, the symbol of ‘Bringing Joy to Wounded Places’ and a circle, to symbolise unity.
We did the reverse of bringing joy to a wounded place. Instead, we took our wounds to a peaceful place and discovered joy. As we took turns in throwing the stones, one by one, into the lake, we were struck by the beauty of the ripples each one caused. It is hard to describe the deep sense of peace and yes, Hayes 3joy, we felt but perhaps you will see it in our faces in the photo we took immediately afterwards.
Hayes 4