Holger Heiten and Gesa FLick
Hoher Meissner, Eschwege, Germany

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Heiten Group Germany 2010

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The mountain “Hoher Meissner” has always been a holy mountain to the people of central Germany. Since long before Celtic or Germanic times, long before patriarchism, it was believed to be the home mountain of an Earth Goddess called “Frau Holle”. Frau Holle is amongst the oldest known and still worshiped goddesses in Europe. Some only know her from the fairytale of the Brothers Grimm. She was known and worshiped from the Alps to the North and Baltic Sea. She was believed to be responsible for the whole cycle of life: She would bring lovers together, would bring fertility not only to humans, but also to the soil, the plants and animals. She controlled the weather and would bless the fields. All Babies and all new life in spring would come from out of her underworld queendom, located in the mountain “Hoher Meissner”, where she made love with the male sky.

She would collect the souls of those who died and guide them all into her underworld queendom (Hoher Meissner) beginning November. There these souls would work in her evergreen gardens, becoming younger and younger, until one day, they would be ready to return as a baby into their tribe. The Christians later needed to make her evil. The German word for “Hell” is “Hölle” a word they made from “Holle”, just as they made “Hell” from “Hel” which is just another name of “Frau Holle”. In their believe system the garden evergreen, a save place, turned into a place of pain, torture and eternal fire. Thousands of worshipers of Frau Holle have been burned as witches.

Later and until just after World War 2, people have been digging coal in the Meissner Mountain and caused by accident that the coal has been enflamed under the surface of the mountain. Until today there is an eternal fire in the heart of the mountain, causing stinking emissions.

Another important thing about this holy mountain is, that Marko Pogacnik, the re-founder of Geomantic work, has identified something like the spine of Europe and according to that the main Chakras of Europe. As the first three Chakras from top to down are located in Island, Findhorn and somewhere close to Amsterdam, the heart Chakra of Europe is located in the centre of Germany. The main part of a conglomerate of power points, which forms this Heart Chakra is the “Hoher Meissner”. So it is not only almost the geographical centre of Germany and Europe, it is its Heart Chakra. Here old myth and the results of Marko’s research come together beautifully. The “Hoher Meissner” is nothing less than the “Black Mesa” or the “Black Mountains” of the Europeans. 1913 one of the biggest peace demonstrations has taken place on that mountain. It caused the unification of many small youth movements and also things like organic farming, organic food shops, Jugendstiland so on came from that very gathering….

The Hohe Meissner is also very close to the former German / German border and became a place of interest for the spy activities of the NATO in the cold war. American troops took the top part of the mountain and erected huge towers that enabled them to listen into the territories of the enemy. They gave a shit on the electromagnetic impact on the surrounding land and violated the legal limitations of electromagnetic emissions with thousand times higher emissions. They then got a special permission for this, which somehow has never been taken away from this place. Nowadays, after the cold war and the American troops have gone, there still are these towers, now broadcasting Television, Radio and Mobile Phone connections. It still violates all legal limitations in a way that is unique in the entire Germany. There is such an electromagnetic emission that people who carry a heart pacemaker in their chest, are not allowed to come closer to the towers.

This fact alone should be reason enough to worry—the heart beat of the heart chakra of Europe is getting disturbed—we all can imagine, what this means on many levels.

Act of Beauty:

We found a so-called Church in the Green, which seemed to be the place of the most depressing energy. There we sat together and shared our experiences of our threshold walk. We decided to do our act of beauty right there, beginning with forming the Radical Joy for Hard Times bird, by using broken parts of trees, flowers from a near by meadow and our bodies. The Altar of the church in the green has been located in the head of the bird and the eye of the bird became a beautiful stone, which has been gifted by one of the participants. During forming the body of the bird an experience, we had made before was repeating itself: We where not able to connect the head with the rest of the body.

We decided to bury the beautiful stone and another mineral that is connected to the earth goddess at the feet of the wooden cross of the church in the green.

When the hole we had made for it, still was open, we spontaneously started singing songs of Frau Holle. Everybody was excited, a drum was brought and we carried on singing quite touching Frau Holle songs. We had learned them in a special seminar about our European roots of the work at the Eschwege Institut. We also sang a Sufi song called Bismillah, the wedding song of Gesa and Holger.

Later two poems from Rainer Maria Rilke has been read out loud and then, accompanied by prayers for the mountain and all of us, we closed the hole with the healing stones, with the feeling, that the impact of this cross, being a stakeholder of the patriarchal imperialism on this mountain of the earth goddess has been brought in balance with the female energy again.

We drove home and had a beautiful organic rhubarb crumble cake with tea and later a beautiful evening in a new pup with good live music. 

Hoher Meissner, Eschwege, Germany

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  • Heiten Group Germany 2010: Holger Heiten


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