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This year my friend, Laura and I did a ceremony honoring all of the waters of the Earth for our Global Earth Exchange. I labeled 4 jars with labels of Rivers, Lakes, Oceans and Drinking. We each poured pure clean water from a crystal clear pitcher into each of the jars with the intention of purifying the water in the world. We then put our hands over the water in the jars and sent healing energy to each of the areas of water in the world. We then each told a story about the 4 areas of water in the world.

Laura’s ocean story was about going on a cruise that had an excursion to a separate island and when they got to the island there was a plastic bottle by the shore. She immediately became angry about that until she found out that the people on that island used plastic bottles as buoy markers for their boats. They were recycling the plastic that floated to their island! She was so happy to find that out. My ocean story was about the sargassum that is taking over the beaches in Mexico and other parts of the world. It is overgrown now due to the rising temperature of the water. The sargassum angers tourists who want to get in the water and they remove the sargassum with rakes and wheelbarrows every morning and move it inland. The sargassum then rots and smells and is changing the water available to animals inland. We decided that the upside of this was that the people of Mexico have additional work available to them and it helps their economy. 

My lake story was about fishing in Nebraska with my Dad when I was a little girl. I have very fond memories of those times even though I always got my hook and line caught in the trees. Laura told about how the lake at Blue Mesa was still very depleted from the drought from last year but when they went fishing, they caught the most fish that they ever had. We couldn’t decide if that was really a good thing for the lake to be so low (it is man made and doesn’t have a stream to fill it) but they did receive a benefit.

Laura’s river story was about a news reporter who was reporting on the high waters in the river and how dangerous it is to be on the banks of the Colorado river right now. She was pleased with how they were concerned about the welfare of the public with the river being so high and running so fast. My river story was about rafting down the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon. It was a trip of amazing beauty and yet for some reason I didn’t feel the spiritual connection that I was hoping for. When I told the guides about this they comforted me and said that sometimes the river speaks to us in different ways and not always in the same way or at that very moment. I often think about what I learned from the river on that trip and it felt really good to honor the Colorado River today.

We both talked about the need to purify our drinking water today. When hiking in the mountains we always take purification tablets to be able to drink the water from the lakes and streams. If we didn’t purify that water, we would invariably get sick. We both found it interesting that when animals drink that water they don’t always get sick but humans will. Since humans are the ones that pollute the water we thought it was interesting an karma circle for humans.

We then made our Rad Joy bird. I recently read that the one single thing that would help the oceans and our water was to stop using plastic straws. Apparently they clog up EVERYTHING. So, our Rad Joy bird has a straw and lid for feet. And as a gift to Laura and our Mother Earth I bought reusable straws for us. We thanked the Earth one more time for providing water for us in so many ways.

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Our RadJoy bird has plastic lid and straw feet. I read recently that eliminating all plastic straws would make a HUGE difference in the plastic pollution of the waterways of our world. We also used feathers, and calming lavender to make our bird with sweet cherries for the face.


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