David Lutz and Farion Pearce
Former Halaco Aluminum smelting plant Sight

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This is our (Farion Pearce and David Lutz) third visit to this site, 2010, 2012 and 2022. Steve Nash joined us in 2012 and returned this year. Steve and David worked at the wastewater treatment plant across the street from Halaco for over 20 years. This has given them an awareness of the wounded place in the midst of the natural beauty of the Ormond Beach Wetlands.

The event was also attended by David Harris, Farion’s husband. David grieves for the Earth and holds its beauty in high regard.

Mary Nash, Steve’s wife, who loves the Earth and longs for the healing of the wetlands.

David Lavaneri attended as he lived nearby during Halaco’s operation and wants to learn about Radical Joy and reconnect with the area.

Why this Place?

Former Halaco Aluminum smelting plant Sight

The closed Halaco Metal Recycling Facility left a huge slag pile within 100 yards of the Pacific Ocean and just of Ormond Beach Wetlands. This is an EPA Superfund Site, CERCLIS CAD009688052ID. This is a truly wounded place on the earth.



Act of Beauty

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Each one of us contributed to this event. We started with introductions and why we felt connected to this place. We spoke of our awareness of its beauty, history, pain and recovery.

We spread out in prayer and to search for material such as heart shaped rocks, a feather, sticks, dried brush, and we used a rusty bushing with a golf ball for the eye.

Once, we formed our beautiful bird, we placed a picture of our beloved friends, Kent Pearce, in the bird’s mouth. Kent attended our 2010, and 2012 Halaco site visits. 

We SANG the RADICAL JOY song. This is sung to the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in my Heart melody. The lyrics are found on the back of the 2010 Radical Joy Tee shirt.

We also picked up a lot of trash.

We took pictures but I can’t seem to upload them.


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