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Abandoned Hospital

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This hospital sits idle in my town and as a result, the medical care is also idle. We have a small clinic now, but this is a rural area in Nevada and resources are limited.

My pet and I walked around the vacant building and I thought of the happy and sad memories a hospital holds.

I researched why the hospital fell into disrepair and there are several reasons. Of course, finances are a primary point but it’s concerning that people lose out on care when money calls the shots.

Why this Place?

Abandoned Hospital

I chose this abandoned hospital after I read how it went by the wayside. It’s more than just a building to me.

Act of Beauty

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There is now a small clinic in our town and I appreciate how they’ve brought back care to our community. I sent them an anonymous card saying thank you for their service and daily help.

I’m grateful this medical clinic is open and how they’re improving my town.


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