Carol Zuccarino is volunteering and living at a shelter on the border of Mexico to work with asylum seekers. She sent the following description of their Global Earth Exchange:
Yesterday our small group of three volunteers went on a community sharing day. We drove to Las Cruces, New Mexico. And here we hiked a trail into the Oregon mountains. We landed at Dripping Springs, a place where there used to be a camp for tired Travelers. There were some old remenents of buildings left from the end of the 1895 era. We gathered and honored these people who had been before us, the quiet resting place that had no running water, but a gentle seepage from the high rocks, greening a small space. We left a stone heart in front of a lovely cactus. We joined all others ,who this week are celebrating the Joy of the Earth. And so we are with you in spirit.
The our next visit was to the cemetery in Las Cruces. Here we found such peace and warm beauty in the decorated grave sites of so many people. It warmed our souls to see the love shown in remembering those who have transitioned before us.
We were very connected to the beauty of our silent and desert environment. It was a gift.Zuccarino A