Rhino RadJoy—I am a wilderness guide and I watch in horror as the animals I love are being destroyed before my very eyes. I had decided to do RadJoy this year for our rhinos and then for Satao, our magnificent elephant who was taken from us not so long ago. So 5 July saw around 50 of us cycle between 70-100km in aid of the rhinos at Weenen Game Reserve which is home to a wide range of wildlife including our precious rhinos. Last year, just one week after our ride, 6 rhinos at Weenen Game Reserve had their horns hacked off leaving 5 dead and one seriously injured. We were horrified—speechless. We thought that perhaps our ride had advertised their presence but it transpired that this ‘hunt’ had been long in the planning. 

So this year we rode in honour of these rhinos and for Satao too. We built our rhino at the place where our hearts felt their pain and we said our prayers and pledged our continued efforts to protect our wildlife. It is our mission to get as many people to experience, first hand, the power of nature, through wilderness trails where they can see, hear, smell, taste and touch the very essence that we originate from and that we are an integral part of. Thank you for the amazing power of RadJoy healing has begun.