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1. Australia; 2. Germany; 3. UK ; 4. Isle of Mann; 5. USA; 6. USA ; 7. USA ; 8. Canada

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Members of the Deep Adaptation Earth Listening Circle, who live around the world and meet weekly on Zoom, created an “Earth Sandwich” together. The idea is that people in different places on the globe are connected with the ground between them, and by placing a piece of bread could make a ‘sandwich’ of the Earth between us.

We all went to a place near us that we consider wounded. After being present with the place and connecting, we put a piece of bread on the Earth to make part of the Earth Sandwich. We then gathered them together to show our global Earth Sandwich… or is it an Earth Pizza?

A Bit About the Earth Sandwich Flavors moving north eastward from Southern most location.

1. Rachel Forgasz, Victoria, Australia. Blackberry that encroaches on the beautiful forest pretty much all around Rachel’s place. She says that she is learning so much from slowly clearing it from different sections.

2. Michaela Conzelman, Black Forest, Southern Germany. Taken in Michaela’s favorite woods, which she says are so sick – monoculture, trees suffering from drought and bugs and storms – but which she loves them so deeply anyway.

3. Emma Mary Gathergood, Malvern Hills, UK. This little bit of land was reclaimed from a dump site. Although the mint thrives there, the zucchini (courgette) that Emma Mary planted died from so much rain this year.

4. Cat Jenkins, Douglas, Isle of Mann. Here’s Cat’s little bit of strawberry-plant based earth sandwich, from her garden.

5. Sasha Daucus, Eastern Ozarks, USA. This tree stump was a very large mimosa tree that was badly damaged in an ice storm. In an overly enthusiastic effort to clean up after the storm, Sasha quickly cut away the broken parts, and it died completely.

6. Terry LePage, Southern California, USA. This is from the University of California Irvine Ecological Preserve, a 62 acre fragment of Coastal Sage Scrub habitat hosting several endangered plants and bird species where Terry volunteers.

7. Carol Warren, Northern California, USA. Along Putah Creek near the former Patwin village. Carol could hear the ducks during her visit, and even more fun, a squirrel ran through like Rocky the Flying Squirrel and snagged the slice of bread while she was taking photos!!

8. Terry Dance-Bennick, Victoria, Briitish Columbia, Canada. On a spot close to Terry’s home, once inhabited by First Nations for millenna. Towering ancient trees originally lived on this wounded land, now sitting vacant awaiting a condo development for humans!


Why this Place?

1. Australia; 2. Germany; 3. UK ; 4. Isle of Mann; 5. USA; 6. USA ; 7. USA ; 8. Canada

People who participated are all members of a global Earth Listening Circle, drawn primarily from the Deep Adaptation network. The places are close to their homes, around the world.


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