Elizabeth Meacham
Lake Erie Bluffs, Ohio, USA

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It was an amazing blessing to be together in person, to hold hands, to look into each other’s eyes, and to even share food. We took time to share what we had brought to represent our covid year and the feelings we would give back to the Earth and Lake Erie to be transmuted/composted back to the life world. We took quiet time to sit on the shore to share our grief and stories and to listen to Lake Erie. We then did an emergent process, self organizing nature art ritual as a gift. We closed by breaking bread and sharing whatever came to us as a gift from the lake. A common theme was feeling very embodied and conscious of a lot of sensation in our pelvises. We closed by all squatting at the water line and letting Lake Erie lap against our lower bodies.

Why this Place?

Lake Erie Bluffs, Ohio, USA

I visited and asked Lake Erie where to call the circle for the exchange.

Act of Beauty

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It became a mandala of sorts that included driftwood, beautiful lake stones, and even trash as part of being with what is/was where we were.

As part of “being with,” we made sure to get the stack of the nuclear power plant in the background of our group photo.


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