I was planning to be in Antioch (Antakya) on the Global Earth Exchange Day and registered for a trekking and nature-art event in the city. However, as life makes its own ways, I was in Cappadocia in a very fascinating environment at that time. There was a festival in Cappadocia and the events that I attended was particularly fitting to the soul of Global Earth Exchange Day. Thus, I just went with the flow and attended to the festival events and after some events I explained the people around about Global Earth Exchange Day. Thus, it was not something that I organized but something that I contribute to some extent. We watched the movie “The Salt of the Earth” which is a documentary about photographer Sebastiao Salgado and his wife’s life based on changing the world not fighting against, rather creating beauty. We watched the movie in a valley ground in Ortahisar surrounded by huge rocks which were carved centuries ago to inhabit them. Currently, these holes are full of birds. We watched the movie with headphones not to disturb them. The story of Salgado and his wife and the soul of the valley was so strong that we all deeply feel connected, inspired and hopeful about the world. After the movie I talked about Global Earth Exchange Day and Radical Joy for Hard Times. Another event that I attended was open-air contemporary art exhibitions based on local landscape of Cappadocia. I called some people to go to the exhibition and feel the vibration together. The theme of the exhibition is Silent. I especially want to mention Rosella Biscotti’s work, “An Animal Epic”. Her work were footprints of the extinct animals that were living in the valley such as rhino, elephant, giraffe, lion. I told the people around me about Global Earth Exchange Day.