Debby Herman
Apalachin, NY

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Herman 2020

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There are woods in back of my house that are very dear to me—I walk on the trails most of the year, and cross-country ski on them during the winter. Those woods and trails are one of the reasons I have never wanted to move away from here—we’ve lived her for 37 years, and consider them to be “our woods”, even though they’re not! About 20 years ago a gas company was given permission to clear a piece of land at the bottom of the hill and install a gas storage well. It was only in use for a couple of years, but the well and burner and other paraphernalia were left there. That part of the forest, which is pretty much at the hub of a number of woods trails, is now more of a meadow, as the trees never came back. So I thought it would be appropriate to attach my gift of beauty to the fencing surrounding the well. I made another bird and laid it on the ground near the well and tank.

Apalachin, NY

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