Autumn Van Ord and Lisa McCall
Wyman Park, City of Baltimore

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At the very first Global Earth Exchange we held at Wyman Park, we were faced with a landscape full of trash; after heavy rains the water would back up where the stream was forced underground through a tunnel; when the water receded trash, garbage and debris were scattered all about. Over the years the environment has improved thanks to the well-planned efforts of friends/supporters of the park (and public and private agencies). Stream banks have been stabilized, stream beds have been repaired, storm water runoff solutions have improved, water runoff has been used to create wetlands, and this year for the first time we noticed initial attempts at invasive plant removal (kudzu we think). This year was so different—a minimum of trash and very little debris.

The day was beautiful, the breeze was soft and refreshing, the temperature was pleasingly warm, the rocks had been warmed by the sun and were inviting to sit upon. The Earth seemed to welcome our physical selves. And though we might have dwelled more on the imperfections of this still wounded place—this day we were at peace with the transformation of what was beautiful. In geological time the Earth will have its own way of rebalancing itself that is beyond our understanding.

Why this Place?

Wyman Park, City of Baltimore

A place that we have been returning to for 10 years.

Act of Beauty

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Gifts to earth: We offered prayers of gratitude; we offered water to the Earth; we made a Radical Joy Bird – for the first time – a bird made all natural materials except for one plastic eye. 


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