Lake Superior Earth Exchange

Sheila Coughlin
Wisconsin Point Lot # 1, Superior, WI

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2019 Lake Superior Earth Exchange


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It was a beautiful, sunny day with powerful winds on Wisconsin Point Beach in Superior, WI. The waves crashed to shore with great strength speaking of the power inherent in Gichi-gami. The 2019 Lake Superior Earth Exchange hosted by Nature Art Exploration spent time connecting with the lake gathering found objects, creating the RadJoy bird as a symbol of transcendence, and meditating on the importance that people everywhere use their gifts to help make the world a better place including preventing and cleaning up damage to the special places we’ve spent time with during this year’s Earth Exchange. The heart created was given as a gift of healing for the water, all who participated in the 2019 Earth Exchange world-wide, and those grieving and working through feelings surrounding the harm done and threats posed to our special places.

An Algonquin Water Song was sung and prayers sent out that our life-giving waters be protected during this pertinent time. For people interested in learning about the song that was sung, you can go to Sing the Water Song to learn more. As explained in the video, women everywhere are invited to sing this Algonquin Water Song. It is explained to mean that the water is the life’s blood of Mother Earth and that water is the life’s blood of our own bodies. It was written by Irene Wawatie Jerome for a Circle of All Nations Gathering in Canada back in 2012. You can read about the song’s history HERE.

Why this Place?

Wisconsin Point Lot # 1, Superior, WI

Lake Superior has heard of the looming threat of copper-nickel mining, and this talk of this proposed disregard is damaging to our friend. She is also recovering from the April 2018 Husky Oil Refinery disaster. Copper-nickel mining has never been done without toxic environmental impact. Lake Superior is under assault and is threatened by the proposed PolyMet and Twin Metals mining projects.

Act of Beauty

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Here is a close-up picture of the found object art created at the 2019 Lake Superior Earth Exchange.



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