I walked to the fields where my sister, her two kids and I had done a Global Earth Exchange in 2015. These fields had been in my family for five generations and now a cousin was going to develop them.

Six years later, the building has begun. I went back to say hello again, and check in.

Now there is a fence. I sat for a bit, musing on how everything changes. I decided to make a RadJoy bird on the other side of the fence; where I couldn’t go.

No one was around. I did it, putting my arms through the wide wire squares. creating a bird from driftwood and stones.

Walking away from the fields, I wondered about the people and animals who had traversed this land freely, before my ancestors came and declared it theirs and began planting. I thought about the people who will be coming up to vacation in the big houses that are being built now. I didn’t feel sad anymore about it. Just bittersweet. Everything changes.