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Zuckerberg Island

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I decided to make this event very accessible, in the sense that it was close to town, and to include children, as this type of ceremony is a perfect focus and activity to include children in. As Theresa said near the conclusion of our event, “It is a perfect blend of focus and chaos.” This was in response to my comment that it is wonderful to have the kids here!”

Why this Place?

Zuckerberg Island

You may ask, “What is wounded about Zuckerberg Island?” When I told Trebbe I would sponsor a gathering, I went for a walk there to consider my commitment. As I went out to the river, I saw the escapee logs hanging out in the eddies, and my heart cried out for the waste of those lives. Trees whose lives were not only taken, but were then not cared for, but allowed to drift off becoming flotsam and jetsam on the riverbank. Like so many things done in haste to make a profit, not enough care and attention in logging operations leads to waste on an inhuman scale. All along the Columbia River we see signs of abuse: by mud boggers, by industry, and by many other activities humans get up to for fun and/or for profit. Precipitously raising and lowering the water level in the river kills billions of organisms each year. With this humble ceremony we hope to acknowledge our responsibility to keep our eyes open, to love our world as it is and to strive to make each day more whole, more beautiful, and more connected.


Act of Beauty

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To create beauty we made an altar out of sticks, rocks, seeds, pinecones etc. found in the area. Two boys had brought goose feathers, and people had brought twine.

We gathered all our materials and piled the around the periphery, and when we had enough we started to build our “gift of beauty” to leave for the nature spirits to enjoy, and so they would know we love and care for them and want to learn how best to support the healing of the river and where it flows. We then sang a song to invite them in, had some snacks, and went our separate ways for the rest of the day.



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