Dear Members of the RadJoy Community,

Thank you for creating the global community of Radical Joy for Hard Times! Because of the gifts of beauty you’ve made for all kinds of wounded places and your generous financial contributions, we are about to celebrate our 10th anniversary as a non-profit charitable organization!

Now, as we move into 2019, we’re taking some big steps forward to strengthen our message and expand our reach. We ask you to help us continue this increasingly timely work by making a generous tax-deductible donation.


Our plans for 2019 include:

  • Continue to develop programs for college and university students to introduce them to the practice of living creatively and collaboratively with hurt places, even as they work for a better future
  • Celebrate our 10th annual Global Earth Exchange in a way that connects the amazing people around the world who feel sad when something happens to damage the places they love and want to give back to them
  • Work with leaders of diverse spiritual practices, that they may bring the care of the Earth’s hurt places to their congregations
  • Publish a book of stories and photos from 10 years of Global Earth Exchanges
  • Develop an Urgent Beauty Network, a team of people around the world who mobilize others to make simple, local gifts of beauty on behalf of those in other places suffering ecological damage