For one month after this year’s Global Earth Exchange on June 12, each Radical Joy Revealed will feature one of the wonderful stories of how a few people in our global community found and made beauty for hurt places. This one comes from Linda Sartor of the Monan’s Rill Community in Sonoma County, California.
We walked around to each of our ten house sites (12 homes) and other miscellaneous out-buildings that burned down completely in the Glass Fire in Sept. 2020. We read out loud a description of each building and a bit about our collective relationships with it. These can be found at our website ( Then we spontaneously spoke, as we were moved, of our individual relationships and memories associated with each house. We left behind a flower and tossed a handful of native grass seeds at each site. I built an altar out of some of the few things I salvaged from my own home site.  This ceremony helped us to leave the homes and our old lives behind and transition into whatever is next for each of us.
—Linda Sartor