By now you may have seen them. But these are the kinds of videos you can watch again and again to be reminded that, during the hardest of times, people find a way to be creative, connected, and joyful. All over Italy, where the coronavirus is having a devastating impact, people quarantined in their apartment houses are coming out to their balconies to sing, make music, and dance together.
This kind of celebration doesn’t cure the disease. It doesn’t immunize anyone against contracting it. It doesn’t provide jobs or make any promises about the future. But it does tell us, firmly and powerfully, that extraordinarily difficult circumstances can bring out aspects of ourselves that are brave, outrageous, wild, playful, and generous.
If you’re stuck inside, put on your favorite piece of music. Turn the volume up. Then open the windows wide. Even if you live far from anyone else, your proclamation of music shows that beauty resides in your home and heart will be released to the world no matter what.