Nancy Margulies is an artist whose work is dedicated to addressing social issues. “Art as Activism is my focus,” she says.
This painting on canvas, which resembles a mural created directly on a brick wall, memorializes the children who died in custody at the Mexican-U.S. border. The father-and-son images were inspired by the tragedy of several fathers and sons who were separated, then reunited, and then separated once again. The names of the children who died are written on the bricks.
Margulies writes: “I offer this image as a tribute to [the children], as a way to say ‘don’t forget them,’ and hopefully this cruel and sadistic way of treating refugee families will come to an end.”

Trebbe Johnson
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Trebbe is the author of The World Is a Waiting Lover and 101 Ways to Make Guerrilla Beauty. Her new book, Radical Joy for Hard Times: Finding Meaning and Making Beauty, will be published in Fall 2018 by North Atlantic Books. Her articles about people’s emotional and spiritual relationship with nature have appeared in Orion, Sierra, Ecopsychology, The Ecologist, The Nation, Harper’s and other magazines. She lives with her husband, Andrew Gardner, in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, a region currently under exploitation by natural gas companies.

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  • Wall: Nancy Margulies


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