When you create a gift of beauty for a wounded place, you need no outside materials. No paints, no brushes, no ribbons, no clay, no ceremonial objects.
The place will give you everything you’ll need.
Is there trash on the ground? How will you weave it into your act of beauty? Is it raining? How will you invite the weather into your gift? Maybe this wounded place is littered with tree limbs from a clearcut or stones from quarrying. How will you liberate them from their identify as trash and elevate them to beauty?
For the annual Global Earth Exchange, the day when people around the world give attention and beauty to wounded places, the gift is often the RadJoy Bird. People also make representations particular to that place—a rhino, a honeybee, a whale, a tree.
Knowing that the place will provide you with everything you need to make a gift for it takes the pressure off. You don’t have to worry about finding and bringing the “right” materials.
Most of all, you discover that places, like people, already have all the components they need to shine forth more of their own intrinsic beauty.