Making beauty, making prayers

We returned to Pritchard Park where we’ve gone several other years. A Superfund site and the place where Japanese-American islanders began their long journey to internment camps right after the bombing at Pearl Harbor. Six [...]

Wyman Park Global Exchange

Lisa McCall and Autumn Van Old have been coming to Wyman Park for this event since 2011. The Stoney Run flows through Wyman Park on its eventual way to the Chesapeake Bay. The stream is [...]

Gratitude and Relationship

Two days prior to Global Earth Exchange I hiked around the Sandy River near Dodge Park (Oregon) to consider the best way to show appreciation and honor this area. I took pictures of graffiti and [...]

Uranium dumps in France

An eye of golden broom flower lay right at the junction of two paths. One path leading around a flooded river valley and the other to an old uranium mine. Hot and dusty, we began [...]

Share Love, Not Trash

The walk through the park to the site I had in mind was a mixed experience for me: I walked with my partner, who is not familiar with the paths, and felt somewhat self-conscious of [...]

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