Songs in the Traveling Monastery

For the past month Radical Joy Revealed has featured some of the many wonderful stories from this year's Global Earth Exchange. Yet a pilgrimage to a hurt place, planned and shared, is not the only [...]

Rethinking the Small Things

I'm thinking about the small things we do that harm nature. I planted a pyramidal Norway Spruce four years ago. I wanted the tree to block my view of a neighbor's bathroom window, one without [...]

Souls In-earthed

The Kirkbride Cemetery itself and the Poor Farm Cemetery. Both are full of graves, most unmarked. Crates with rusting bindings edge the cemetery; each crate has five grave markers engraved with names and dates of [...]

Wyman Park Global Exchange

Lisa McCall and Autumn Van Old have been coming to Wyman Park for this event since 2011. The Stoney Run flows through Wyman Park on its eventual way to the Chesapeake Bay. The stream is [...]

Gratitude and Relationship

Two days prior to Global Earth Exchange I hiked around the Sandy River near Dodge Park (Oregon) to consider the best way to show appreciation and honor this area. I took pictures of graffiti and [...]

For Wingello State Forest

Our Global Earth (Gift) Exchange 2021 was for logged pine plantation at Wingello State Forest in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. It was hard and painful. The forest was burnt in our [...]

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