River Bird

Standing on the banks of the lower Savannah/Westobou River right below the Houlihan Bridge at the public boat ramp, looking southeast I stand with Ernie by my side pondering the enormous industrial cranes of the [...]

What Is the New Story?

When we're honest with ourselves, we recognize that we as inhabitants of the Earth are entering a time of enormous change. It is a time of loss, to be sure, with species becoming extinct and [...]

Why Beauty Might Save Your Life

Some people challenge members of our Radical Joy for Hard Times community about our way of responding to local and global environmental challenges. They say, "What good does making beauty do?" They say, "Why aren't [...]

The Way It Works on You (Too)

Radical Joy for Hard Times does not claim that we can heal the Earth. We can, however, heal the relationship between ourselves and the Earth, most especially the places where we live and that we [...]

Cappadocia, Turkey

I was planning to be in Antioch (Antakya) on the Global Earth Exchange Day and registered for a trekking and nature-art event in the city. However, as life makes its own ways, I was in [...]

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