Wyman Park Global Exchange

Lisa McCall and Autumn Van Old have been coming to Wyman Park for this event since 2011. The Stoney Run flows through Wyman Park on its eventual way to the Chesapeake Bay. The stream is [...]

Gratitude and Relationship

Two days prior to Global Earth Exchange I hiked around the Sandy River near Dodge Park (Oregon) to consider the best way to show appreciation and honor this area. I took pictures of graffiti and [...]

Sand dune healing

The exchange was enacted at a place where vehicles have torn up the landscape, destroying stability and biodiversity for military practice. Giving the gift of the colour organge for healing trauma, I created a mandala [...]

Earth Listening ~ Earth Sandwich

Members of the Deep Adaptation Earth Listening Circle, who live around the world and meet weekly on Zoom, created an "Earth Sandwich" together. The idea is that people in different places on the globe are [...]

Reciprocal Medicine

I was supposed to be camping off the grid in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park this past weekend, and had intended to hold the Earth Exchange there. However, I was so depleted from an incredibly demanding [...]

Treephilia 2021

I spent a while exploring the area, appreciating its beauty and feeling grief about its imminent destruction. I then gently gathered the items for my bird and created him in a place where some leveling [...]

Gratitude for nature’s spaces

Louise and I decided to give gratitude to our nature spaces (Louise’s balcony and my garden ) that nurtured us through lockdown. We each spent time there at the weekend, reflecting and being with the [...]

Garden Earth Exchange

Our Earth Exchange this morning was at the garden I have been attending. It is a lovely garden enjoyed by many in the city park, although its beauty is now “western” artifice. This dry place [...]

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